I am passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general, having been in the space since 2014. My tech stack usually includes ReactJS, Node, and sometimes solidity. I’ve been incorporating GraphQL into my code more recently, and it has been amazing so far.

Rebate Protocol

Rebate was built at the Calhacks hackathon hosted at UC Berkeley. It targets the supply chain industry in a unique manner, providing incentives for consumers. We ended up winning the ‘Best Blockchain Hack’

Interestingly, we ended up on the top when it came ot public voting.

Rebate Protocol offers manufacturers a simple web interface to create QR code-based wallets. It also allows for users to seamlessly scan a QR code and verify the authenticity and origin of the product they use. Leveraging a QR-based rebate mechanism, manufacturers can provide customers with an incentive to scan the QR codes inside their medical containers, while tackling the issue of counterfeits.

This was a fairly simple project.

However, it focuses on a use case where crypto and blockchain technolgoy are facilitating the value proposition, they are not ‘the’ value proposition.

In other words, this was an attempt to use crypto as a utility as compared to using crypto as the face of a new product - simple problem solving.


The demo below illustrates the core of Rebate Protocol. A manufacturer/merchant portal allows you to issue new rebates and input details such as the product name, date of expiry, number of rebates, rebate amount etc.

Once set, ethereum wallets are created and the rebate amount is sent to each ethereum address.

Wallets being generated on the backend

We have been working on this after the hackathon, and have plans to integrate with DAI, the stablecoin, and implement meta-transactions, which could potentially be a game changer(reducing friction towards onboarding users since transaction fees are paid for by the merchant)

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SpaceDAO was my first attempt at participating in a hackathon. We were a team of 5 people, Alex(an engineer from Uber), YJ(senior at Berkeley), Yalda(Berkeley alumni and space cooperative founder), Luca(MBA candidate at Berkeley) and me. We used several tools spread across the ethereum ecosystem

Overall, it was a great experience, and I had a bunch of key takeaways which helped me further.

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